Activated carbon filter Melt Spinning Cartridge
Filter bag Microporous folded filter
Activated carbon filter PK large flow folded filter
UDF scattered carbon filter Plate filter
PALL large flow folded filter wound cartridge
Brush plating cloth filter cloth
Activated carbon filter UDF scattered carbon filter
3M high flow folded filter Power filter filter element

First-class production equipment

A number of international advanced filtration products imported production line, is the high quality products to ensure the. Improve the production process control system and quality assurance system, defective products factory is Shunfeng zero guarantee. Storage of raw materials to the production process, testing, packaging are all in one hundred clean environment.

Kunshan Shun Feng purification equipment Technology Co., Ltd.

Specializing in a variety of filtration products manufacturing, research and development as well as wastewater, heavy metal recovery of private technology enterprises, the production filter one million. The company has advanced production equipment and testing facilities, and through ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification,                   >>more



Kunshan Shun Feng purification equipment Technology Co., Ltd.

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Address: Phoenix Bay, Jiangsu Province on the 28th of Kunshan City of Phoenix Village Shipai

Enterprise sub-station

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